Transparency reporting

We believe transparency is an important part of our ongoing collaboration with the health care community, helping to build a community of trust and respect with healthcare professionals, patients, industry peers, stockholders and the public.

We are committed to acting with integrity, which is the foundation on which we build our business. Our operations adhere to the highest standards and our company puts our values into action each day, according to our Code of Business Conduct.

Collaborative Working

At Biogen we recognise that the highest level of quality patient care is more likely to be achieved when we work together. 

Biogen is proud to work in partnership with organisations through collaborative working projects. The ABPI Code of Practice defines ‘Collaborative Working with Organisations’ as work which either enhances patient care or is for the benefit of patients or alternatively benefits the NHS and, as a minimum, maintains patient care, and must be carried out in a manner compatible with the Code. Collaborative working is generally between one or more pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organisations and other organisations.

Details of our current collaborative working projects can be found below:

Biogen-226951 | Date of preparation: January 2024