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UK Gender Pay Gap

We embrace talent from all backgrounds and foster a work environment where all employees feel inspired to do their best work. By advancing the power of diversity, we will continue to strive to be a company of choice for employees. We confirm that the gender pay gap calculations reported herein are accurate.

"As both the General Manager for Biogen in the UK and Ireland and as the Global chair of Biogen’s Women’s Impact Network in Biogen, I’m deeply invested in the significance of our progress in closing the gender pay gap. Through initiatives like our Employee Resource Networks including the Women’s Impact Network, we actively champion inclusivity, shaping a workplace where diversity isn’t just embraced, it’s celebrated. While we surpass both national and industry standards, we remain committed to reducing and eventually eliminating, the gender pay gap."

Kylie Bromley
General Manager UK and Ireland

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Biogen-225584 | Date of preparation: January 2024